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Welcome to Dayana Nalmeiad`s Blog


Welcome to Dayana Nalmeiad, an exclusive BLOG for you to explore.  Dayana Nalmeiad has valued her life so much, soon after she managed to free herself  from the prison of DUBAI city where she lived for the best 11 years of her life, after having survived this great injustice, she decided to share her trajectory in the biggest prisons in the city of Dubai, here she tells  her fears, the reality of Dubai inside a prison, the overcoming,  as she was released before the 10 years determined by the judge, since then she felt that she was not there for by God’s punishment, but to find out who she really is and who she wants to be, her mission on earth, the transformation in her life, the desire to win, her strengths, her wisdom, her powerful mind, clarity purposes, the Islamic studies she was forced to learn and memorise, the struggles to survive inside that hell, the betrayal of her own family and finally, her freedom, everything she went through only served as a fundamental tool for personal success, as she became a spiritual coach, the consciousness, aware of and everything and everyone, more confident, as meditation made her find her true essence and the  connection with the superior forces existing among us, and loving to have the opportunity to share her passions and thoughts with her faithful readers and among those who wants a life changing  forever like Dayana did, read and enjoy.

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WHO AM I? And how i become spiritual life coaching?

Everything about my prision in Dubai..

Hi my name is Dayana Nalmeiad, i am a Brazilian Business Woman into a Fashion Industry, graduated from IESB as a fashion designer,  mother of Peter and married to a unique person, lived in Dubai for 12 years until….

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The powerful color lives within me
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