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Baby Baby Mp4

This is first appearance of The Doll. It reveals the identity of The Doll to be Ava Greywhinder, or The Baby. Within the video, directly after the Ice Cream Man smashes his face against a wall, there is a zoomed in shot of The Doll's mask with a large crack/bite-mark on the top of it. Small streaks of blood have flown from this spot. A few seconds later The Doll removes its mask to reveal a crying baby's face (Ava) as a spine-tingling baby shriek begins to play.

Baby Baby mp4

The second appearance of Ava Greywhinder. Though the tape is not only about her, but it explains how she dies. We view the room through a baby monitor as little Ava is sleeping in her crib at night. The Stitchbuddy (Banzo) is ordered by Martin to kill her, so later on in the night Banzo sneaks into Ava's room and watches her from above, taking some time to debate if he should kill her or not.

Her brief appearance is found in the credits off-screen. In the background of the credits, screaming and gunshots are heard signifying Gloria's and Macy's death off-screen. A baby is heard crying after this (likely Ava) before there is a final gunshot and the crying ceases as the tape comes to a close. In a twist from the first season of episodes, Martin is now responsible for her death instead of Banzo which would explain how the "Don't Kill" and "Rebirth" options for THE_PERFECT_PET were canon to the next few series of tapes released. 041b061a72


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