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Reindeer Games

Reindeer Games is a delightful set containing 8 playful reindeer. We've included a few scene building options and accessories as well as a couple of birdie pals to join the reindeer! Creating the perfect holiday scene just got a whole lot merrier!

Reindeer Games

Now there were board games at Christmas and not the ones waiting to be unwrapped. My mother said it was a way to stretch out the morning and make the presents last. Sure, if only one present is opened every 15 minutes, Christmas morning lasts right up until Christmas dinner.

You can set-up reindeer games camp in stations or do different activities each day. It really depends on what fits your needs the best. Pink Oatmeal members PLUS be sure to download your Reindeer Games station set-up signs for free!

Set up an agility course with an agility ladder (affiliate link)or tape on the floor. Have the kids work on moving through the agility ladders doing different patterns. Use the free agility cards (not reindeer themed) in the freebie library or as a member get official reindeer agility cards from the members only product library.

Work on your different gross motor skills with the Reindeer Run Cards that are available for free in the freebie library. There are addition brain break cards, some with a reindeer theme, in the Christmas Brain Break Card set.

Want to learn about the life cycle of a reindeer while moving? The Reindeer Life Cycle Game is a fun and engaging way to move and learn. This game can be played in a digital manner with PowerPoint, Google Slides or right in the PDF file or you can print and play as well.

The Reindeer Race dice game is a fun addition to reindeer training. This game is part of the Christmas Brain Break, Yoga, and Games Pack. This game is fun to play in person, but also works great for distance learning or teletherapy.

Join us in November and December as holiday magic transforms our racehorses into racing reindeer. Includes all elements of "Off To The Races" with holiday style as guests wager on their favorite reindeer to win the race. Each guest receives their own reindeer antlers for luck. It's a Ho-Ho-Ho lot of fun, so come and join us! 041b061a72


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