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Incubus Hunter Full Game Download

Incubus Hunter: A Ghost-Hunting Adventure Game

Are you ready to face the paranormal in a haunted house? Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery of the incubus, a malevolent spirit that preys on the living? If you are looking for a thrilling and immersive game experience, then you might want to check out Incubus Hunter, a ghost-hunting adventure game developed by Darkling Room and published by Darkling Room.

What is Incubus Hunter?

Incubus Hunter is a point-and-click adventure game that puts you in the role of a novice ghost hunter, who is on their first solo case under the guidance of Bear and Jen from the O.P.G paranormal team. You are sent to investigate a house at 6 Dread Pit Road, in London's 'East End', which has been reported to be haunted by an incubus, a demonic entity that feeds on sexual energy. The house has been investigated by the game developers several times, on the request of three different owners, and they have found evidence of paranormal activity and sightings of a sinister hunched figure. You will have to use real gadgets, such as EMF meters, EVP recorders, and thermal cameras, to locate and communicate with the spirit, and find out why it is haunting the house. You will also have to explore the house, which is based on a real location, and uncover its dark history and secrets.

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Why should you play Incubus Hunter?

Incubus Hunter is not your typical horror game. It is not about jump scares or gore, but about creating a realistic and atmospheric ghost-hunting experience. The game is inspired by real cases and locations, and uses actual audio and video recordings from the developers' investigations. The game also features a dynamic haunting system, which means that the ghost's behavior and activity will change depending on your actions and choices. The game has multiple endings, depending on how you interact with the incubus and what you discover about its motives. The game also has a high replay value, as you can try different approaches and gadgets to see how they affect the outcome.

How can you download Incubus Hunter?

Incubus Hunter is expected to be released soon on Steam and GOG, with other digital platforms to follow. You can add the game to your wishlist on Steam or GOG and get notified when it becomes available. You can also follow the game's development on the official website, Facebook page, or Twitter account. You can also join the Steam community to discuss the game with other fans and get updates from the developers.

If you are looking for a full game download of Incubus Hunter, you might have to wait until the game is officially released. However, you can try out a demo version of the game, which was released in May 2023. You can download the demo from GitLab, where you can also find instructions on how to install and play it.


Incubus Hunter is a ghost-hunting adventure game that will challenge your nerves and skills as you explore a haunted house and confront an incubus. The game is based on real investigations and locations, and features realistic gadgets and evidence. The game also has a dynamic haunting system and multiple endings, making it an immersive and replayable experience. If you are interested in playing Incubus Hunter, you can add it to your wishlist on Steam or GOG, or download the demo version from GitLab.


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