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I have a basic idea, which is that students are exploring listening beyond just words. They\u2019re thinking about ways of knowing beyond the linguistic, as we\u2019ve been talking about. They are thinking critically about the difference between listening and experiencing the world directly with one\u2019s senses. They\u2019re listening to audiovisual media. Those things are often conflated, especially with discourse around field recording and listening and so on.

mp3 malayalam hot fucking talk audio

It just obviously adds more dimensions (laughs). One could be of two minds of experiencing something completely without that linguistic dimension, as we talked about it earlier. But obviously adds whole other dimensions of depth when it\u2019s translated. It becomes extremely important when we think about it in relation to Dead Birds, the film that Robert Gardner made at the same time, that this audio was supposedly being recorded for although very little of it was used for the film. In that film, you don\u2019t hear Hubula voices, let alone women\u2019s voices. So, here\u2019s a chance to hear them. 350c69d7ab


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