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In an extremely competitive scenario and full of tasks to fulfill, female coaching emerges as an element with great potential for personal and professional development. The role of the Coaching process in the lives of women who are seeking a balance between personal and professional issues is to make them identify all the tools they have within themselves that can contribute to their growth.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a development-oriented methodology in which the coachee (aluno) is led by the coach (professional) to understand what they want and how to achieve these goals. The basis of this process is self-knowledge, the followers can see more about themselves, outlining goal strategies that are more in line with their reality.

The coach urges the coachee to look for the answers needed to move forward in life by asking the right questions. The Coaching process helps people to understand that they have all the necessary tools to achieve their goals. For many, it is enough to unlock this specific point and re-signify certain beliefs so that professional and personal advancement becomes possible.

Female Coaching: what is your role?

After understanding the Coaching process, you may be wondering what are the differentiating points of women's Coaching and why this specific category exists. The structure of society creates a series of barriers for women and overcoming these limiting factors is crucial to start aiming for more prominent positions in the market.

Some beliefs remain ingrained within women, making them not even consider trying to achieve a leadership role or become an entrepreneur. Many talented professionals miss opportunities to shine and grow in their segments because they still cannot see themselves with this potential. Identifying obstacles is the first step in changing this status.

The daily challenges of women have increased over the centuries, knowing how to manage their professional and personal life, overcoming the feeling of guilt that has been instilled in them for a long time, makes all the difference to their satisfaction. Women's coaching works as a support base for women to fearlessly seek to occupy their place in the world of work and achieve fulfillment in their personal lives.

Other fronts of Women's Coaching

In addition to contributing to the process of discovering the existence of the necessary tools to become successful in personal and professional life, women's coaching also works on other relevant fronts, such as the understanding that women should not compete with each other, but help themselves to change the view of those who have not yet realized their full potential.

This line of Coaching also contributes to broadening women's understanding that men need to learn and get used to seeing them in a hierarchically superior position. Throughout the process, it is also possible to develop interpersonal relationship tools, in order to be able to add more people to your strategy.

Overcoming the superwoman myth

In recent decades, the image of women in society has undergone some profound changes and over time the myth of the superwoman was born. Women started to occupy the labor market, but without leaving their domestic functions. Basically, they started to have double or triple journeys, so it began to create an image that the really efficient woman is able to do everything at the same time without feeling tired.

In practice, this is a big myth, given that it's impossible to be able to turn so many plates at once without getting close to a nervous breakdown. Thus, female coaching also plays a relevant role in deconstructing this idea that women need to do everything with maximum efficiency and without feeling exhausted. The process helps to understand what is not going well and how this issue can be resolved.

Caring for physical and mental health should be one of the women's priorities, after all, only a person in a state of balance can be productive. The coach can help organize the life of the coachee better, in the sense that she can do what she needs within a system, considering her limits. Bypassing the barriers and impositions of society is the smartest way to consolidate yourself in a prominent position.

Understand how Women's Coaching can help in the search for satisfaction

Happiness is the result of fullness in all areas of life, from relationships with family members to the achievement of professional achievements. The Coaching process can play a significant role in women's understanding that they can be good mothers and professionals, without having to give up one thing or another.

Eliminating the guilt that society instills in women who choose to work and have a family is essential for them to be happy with their choices. One of the goals of the process is to provide tools for coachees to lead a more balanced life.

Main benefits of Female Coaching

The Women's Coaching process can be very revealing and help women understand how to give a more assertive direction to their careers and have a healthy personal life. Below you can better understand the main benefits.

1 – Perception of female strength

Coaching is a process of self-knowledge in which the person has a better idea about the tools they have inside to solve the fundamental issues in their life. For women, this can be a very revealing process, in terms of their perception of their strength. It's a way for them to understand that they not only can but should look for their dreams, not letting social impositions limit them.

2 – Elimination of limiting beliefs

Certain beliefs are like shackles that bind people who are in search of achieving their dreams. There is nothing more powerful than a well-rooted idea, as long as an individual believes that he will not be able to accomplish a certain feat for some structural issue, he will hardly be able to get rid of these shackles.

The coach guides the coachee in understanding some beliefs that need to be undone. The most interesting and effective thing about this type of process is that the client herself discovers the points that must be changed. The coach's role is not to tell the coachee what is wrong and how to fix it, but to make her figure out for herself what needs rethinking. The right questions can be extremely powerful in changing the direction of a thought.

3 – More positive perception of other women

Something very important that Women's Coaching works is the deconstruction of the idea of ​​competition created among women over the centuries. When they stop seeing each other as natural enemies fighting for the same space, they become stronger as a group. It's a way of making women understand that there are places for everyone who is willing to look for their achievements.

4 – Connection with your own truth

As society does not encourage women to look at themselves as professionals capable of assuming leadership positions and heading families, it is common that many have not yet made a connection with their inner truth. Throughout the entire questioning process that Coaching produces, this connection with its interior becomes more coherent. Discovering their strength and skill set will help make these women more powerful in the marketplace.

5 – Acceptance of failures

The myth of the superwoman who needs to be a mother and an excellent professional makes many women unable to live together and accept their own failures. Women's coaching helps to establish a deeper knowledge of themselves, welcoming their mistakes and successes with satisfaction. No woman is perfect and will not be able to meet the high expectations that society has of her, so nothing more effective and empowered than deconstructing this idea.

Women's Coaching and the search for empowerment

Coaching aimed at women contributes to the empowerment of coaches, in the sense that it helps them to understand the internal forces that can contribute to their personal and professional growth. It is also a process in which women are able to gain a greater understanding of structurally limiting issues and how to react to them in order to free themselves.

If you, a woman, want to develop, whether in the personal, professional, affective area or in many others, the support of a coach who specializes in the challenges of the female universe can provide you with the impulse you need to dare to go further and become your best version.

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