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Hello there,

I am Dayana Nalmeiad, Brazilian citizen, but more the citzen of the world ;), i am a veru spiritua; person who after i ve the biggest injustice happened in my life i am a

Spiritual Intelligence aims to work and solve problems related to our deepest values ​​and establish a new meaning for our lives, it encompasses themes such as the purpose of existence; the development of virtues; the commitment to faith and hope as instruments to face the obstacles on the way; the metaphysical and spiritual sphere of the human being; understanding the meaning of genuine freedom, which unfolds within the perimeter established by ethical and moral norms; the release, in the being, of negative and destructive energies; the testimonies of Jesus; values ​​not acquired by material resources, among many other issues. It allows us directions and actions that lead us to evolve and build a path of greater achievements.

From a leadership perspective, the most widespread style today – The Servant Leader – demands a high level of Spiritual Intelligence. The book "The Secret of the Most Wanted Companies" addresses a very interesting point which is the emergence of a new era called the "Age of Transcendence" where new leaders will have the great challenge of building a business environment focused on human development and relationships developments throughout the value chain or stakeholders. This placement is impractical without developing high SQ leaders!

In the search for ways to awaken or develop this New Intelligence, large organizations rely on the help of professionals trained for the challenge. Among them, the Coaching Professional, the Coach, can efficiently achieve this goal. Liberal professionals with links to leadership departments and even anyone interested in developing their intellectuality can rely on the tools offered by this professional.

The Coaching Process has the main function of promoting learning and development according to Rhandy Di Stéfano. For Rosa R. Krausz, “coaching is a special type of collaboration that expands awareness, learning and allows the achievement of desired results”. The Coaching process enables development without losing focus on the result, allowing for learning and awareness raising, which triggers powerful questions articulated during the process, allowing the coachee (client) an internal journey towards his inner Self where all the necessary answers to formulate an action plan will be found to carry out the process. The Coach (Professional) is like a high-performance coach who will act by awakening human potential, is an external stimulator, a facilitator of the Coachee's internal communication in a combination of patience, insights and perseverance to gather tools that facilitate their path towards the goal .

Looking into a society still stuck to old paradigms and beliefs with often unfounded roots, it is a challenge to change behavior, but it is already late and necessary for this change to be made and it will only be possible when people, indifferent to their occupation before the labor market in general to look inside themselves. The path to the development of a much better world is fundamentally through the construction of better human beings, more capable and aligned with absolute principles. It takes discipline and willpower for us to accelerate this process. Therefore, I end this work leaving you with a question: How can you, at this moment, start using your Spiritual Intelligence to improve your life and the lives of those around you?

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Dayana Nalmeiad

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